Are Customers Avoiding Your Gas Station?

Owning a gas station isn’t for the thin-skinned or for those unable to take a hard look at their own operation. Do you ever get the nagging feeling that some customers are avoiding your gas station, driving right on by to head for one of your competitors? If so, you may be right, and you may need to evaluate what you’re doing that might be driving customers away.

Location is one of the most important attributes for a gas station. Look at your location from the eyes of a potential customer: Are you convenient to a highway exit? Is there a traffic signal that makes it easier to turn left across traffic? Does the neighborhood look and feel safe?

What else could make customers choose a competitor over your location? Do you offer a loyalty program? These programs offer fuel discounts based on how much you spend at a gas station, and they help keep customers coming back.

Are your pump payment systems outdated and putting your customers at greater risk of credit card skimming? If your pumps don’t have the latest chip readers or contactless payment systems, customers may be wary — and you may face greater liability issues.

Another area to examine is the customer service experience. Are your employees well trained and polite? Do customers leave feeling like serving them has been a burden or distraction to the clerks?

Do you offer more than just gas? When people fill up, they may want to pick up some snacks, drinks or even a meal. Do you have fresh, hot coffee for sale? Are your bathrooms clean? Can customers check the air in their tires?

Consider the latest DAK’s Market, which opened on Route 66 outside of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It’s a gas station, but it’s also a convenience store and a quick-service restaurant. Customers can buy beer or wine, household items and health and beauty products.

With all the offerings available, profits have increased 48% over the last three months, and Konnect is considering more upgrades, including a drive-through window for the Krispy Krunchy Chicken restaurant and branded coffee within the store.

Giving back to the community is important, and DAK’s Market does this in many ways, including increasing employee wages and adding more health benefits, along with supporting local food banks and community organizations.

If you’re interested in selling a gas station, contact DAK’s Acquisitions to learn more!