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How Customers Choose Their Gas Stations

Gas stations owners operate in a highly competitive retail niche and must stand out in the crowd. Understanding how Americans view gas prices and decide whether to shop for food, snacks, and beverages can have a profound impact on your gas station retail business.

According to a 2019 NACS Consumer Insights report, 59% of drivers say that gas prices determine where they stop. However, the quality of fuel, food, and employees largely influences where drivers gas up, and 44% of gas customers will also go inside to shop. Over one-third of those customers buy drinks and snacks after filling up at the pump, and 8% of convenience store shoppers will purchase a prepared meal. Millennials are especially likely to opt for sandwiches or other hot and made-to-order food options.

These numbers show that consumers increasingly choose their fuel provider based on the quality of the items inside the convenience store. Here are a few ways that your gas station business can cash in on this shift in consumer behavior:

  • Understand food trends
    Consumers are eating healthier foods than ever. In addition to tried-and-true classics, such as soda, chips, and candy bars, consider adding fresher food options to your menu. For example, DAK’s Market serves fresh and fast foods alongside classic prepackaged options. Their complete menu of grab-and-go items makes them a choice dining destination for travelers throughout the region, and dining options include pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, freshly baked goods, and fresh deli meats.
  • Add seating
    Add a seating area to welcome customers and poise your location as a “food friendly” gas station. Although over half of customers that purchase a meal option will eat in their car, over 10% will choose tables inside or outside the store. DAK’s Market are well maintained and spacious, and the dining areas have ample room to accommodate customers while following appropriate social distancing guidelines.  
  • Cater to your community
    Provide value, reach your patrons, and support the community you share with them by giving back to local organizations. DAK’s Market serves the community by donating food to local food bank chapters. The company also allocates a budget to sponsor sports leagues and other local events. As a dedicated member of the community, Konnect offers its employees a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for growth.

In the highly competitive gas station retail sector, customers are largely driven by their own expectations of the business. Although fuel prices still influence where drivers stop to gas up, food options are increasingly important to consumers. Fulfill those expectations to successfully manage your gas station business.

About DAK’s Market Stores

DAK’s Market a firm founded in 2019 on the strong foundation of 30+ years of experience in the petroleum and gas station industries.

With a mission to expand and grow successful gas station businesses and convenience stores throughout the nation, DAK’s Market strives to operate with a customer-centric focus, using customer engagement as the baseline of store operations.