About Us

DAK’s Market is our customers’ preferred destination for a variety of food and beverages, from the dine-in or takeaway meals of our national restaurant brand, to our grab-and-go options made fresh on site, to a nice selection of snacks and drinks. Our visitors are always treated to a clean environment and welcoming staff members who express their sincere thanks for each purchase. We also work to surprise and delight our customers with quality inventory options, unique decor and memorable, family-friendly experiences well beyond those of the typical convenience store.

C-store and Gas Station Operations

DAK’s Market operations team is driven to provide our customers with the best experiential retail and fueling possible. We strive to create an immersive and shareable experience that prioritizes customer engagement — not sales, stimulates customers’ senses, and defies customer expectations. This is achieved through frictionless or contactless payments, curbside delivery, online ordering, state-of-the-art facilities, and exceptional sanitary standards. We strive to compete for a larger “share of life”— where a greater percentage of consumers’ needs are addressed and to become a destination of choice to serve many aspects of everyday life.

Gas Station Acquisitions

DAK’s Market is expanding throughout the nation, with an acquisitions team of experts in real estate and trusted lending partners. We are innovating ways to provide wholesale fuel throughout the nation, acquiring gas stations and truck stops that allow us to remodel, rebrand, and bring them up to our operational standards. Our focus is to leverage our network of partners in the petroleum industry to provide value for gas station and c-store owners to confidently sell their retail locations or expand their portfolios. We evaluate potential purchases in a quick manner and provide superior pricing options to our sellers. Our main objective is to acquire rapidly across the Midwest and Southwest regions, building relationships with sellers of portfolios small and large to expand the opportunity for success in the fuel industry. 

Meet the Team

Kevin Lapierre
Chief Executive Officer

david dorwart

David Dorwart
Chairman of the Board

Dan Perera

Sean Hamel
VP of Acquisitions and Construction

Gareth Jones
VP of Operations

Gwen Hagen Director of Marketing

Yvonne Jones Director of Human Resources

Jessica James Senior Controller

Josh LaPierre Merchandise & Key Account Manager

Nathan Mayes Pricebook Manager

Jonathan Snead District Manager

Rachel LaPierre Marketing Coordinator